UV LED conveyor Curing Machine

UV LED conveyor curing machine also name UV LED tunnel, it widely used for UV LED ink, UV LED Glue and UV LED resin, paint . Commonly customer use it for testing or in factory products line.


Technical Data of the uv led light head

Wavelength(±5nm) :365nm /385nm/395nm/405nm

Curing area: according customer requirement

Electronic power: According light curing area

Input voltage:220VAC 50Hz / 60HZ

Cooling method:Air cooling/water cooling

Life:       >10000 H

Conveyor speed: 0-10M/Minutes for UV LED glue, 0- 60M/Minutes for UV LED ink

Irradiation distance:10-100mm adjustable

Optic power:   Max 20W/cm2

Recommend irradiation distance:   10-100mm


Product feature:

1. Instant ON/ OFF, NO preating required.

2. Adjustable curing distance, UV output intensity and conveyor speed

3. Energy saving and environmental protection

4. infrared sensor to stop, protect your products

5. No infrared radiation, cold light source, suitable for all types of heat-sensitive material curing.

6. Adjustable width.


Main Application:

PCB/PCBA Conformal Coating curing

SMT component protection and reinforcement

Medical instrument uv glue curing

Final curing


UV LED paint curing


Control system features:

1: Panel display, touch operation, real-time monitoring of the head of the working state

2: Intensity adjustable from 0-100%

3: Temperature monitoring

4: Infrared sensor control, work mode selection