UV LED for Adhesive Curing Solutions

UV LED curing solutions are indeed great fit for adhesive bonding application. At Bird UV, we offer UV LED curing solutions which are being utilized as UV Led for Adhesive because they works on low operating cost, enhance system’s capabilities by being a solid state device. Aside from that adhesives used for industrial processes maintain process control to meet end user demands. The UV adhesive curing application includes: industrial, medical and others.

UV LED for adhesives use a monochromatic spectrum of light to cure adhesives. As the curing requirement changes, so do the wavelength of the UV LED. UV LEDs by BIRD UV are available in the range of 365 nm to 395 nm.

Main Advantages Of Our UV LEDs

  • LEDs are known to have higher efficiency.
  • Very less maintenance is required.
  • The energy costs are significantly reduced.
  • The operating life of LEDs is pretty long.
  • The thermal radiation emitted by them is less and therefore the thermal stress on the substrate is also less.
  • The energy cost is reduced to a great extent.
  • Stand by times is not required for LEDs.
  • The warm-up phase, as well as the cool down phase, is eliminated.

Our range of UV LEDs gives out high-intensity light which shortens the curing time to a large extent. Get in touch with us to know more!