Wireless Portable UV LED Curing

Products introduction

This Product is a Mobile UV LED handset for spot and area curing. Typically used in the field of bonding, curing and detection.UV curing adhesives and resins are used  in complexe assembly and manufacturing solutions where it depends on a controlled curing and immediate handling strength.The device has a spectral choice 365nm 385nm 395nm and weighs in the basic version just 670g. 


Products feature

1.High performance in a very compact construction
2. Lightweight with good handling

3.Wireless mobile working
4.Long lifetime with about 20.000 h
5.No warm-up time
6.No heat transfer to the substrate
7.365nm 385nm 395nm can be choosed
8. Low power consumption and thus a long operation time
9.Neither contains mercury nor ozone



Excellent light intensity

use high technology optic components, Max light intensity is 10W/cm2  for air cooling 

Outstanding light even

 provide high light even to fulfill the curing needing.

Convenient for using

Portable design, use very convenient

Eco friendly

No Ozone, no poison and pollute material

Improve work efficiency

Can curing the coat in 5 to 15S according working distance, reduce produce time

Long working time after charging

Can work 30-40 minutes after charging





Light area(MM)


Work distance


Light intensity

Cooling Method

Electric Power








Air cooling





1. UV LED lacquer for furniture

2. Backlight for fluorescence checking

3. UV curing test for laboratory examination

4. Fast repair for car painting

5. Backlight for UV camera