UV COATING Applications

UV LED for Coating Machine

UV LED curing solutions is generally utilized in coating industry because UV LED for coating machine works on low operating costs, enhance system capabilities further no hazardous material is used in this process. UV LED technology dramatically reduces energy consumption and significantly reduce surface temperature of work piece. UV LED dryer for coating are more compact now due to small form factor, meanwhile speed is increased due to consistent UV output. The diffuse nature of UV LED light can be used effectively to cure shaped surfaces which earlier required multiple lamps from different angles. The UV Coating Applications include: vinyl, wood, musical instruments, automotive, Fixtures and several others.

Bird UV specializes in offering application-specific UV LEDs. One such application is the coating applications. When used for coating applications, UV LED offered by us ensures the most optimum bondage which is highly durable. Bird UVs Solutions For All Your UV Coating Applications Woes

  • UV LED for wood curing
  • Wireless Portable UV LED Curing
  • Wood Floor UV LED Curing
  • UV LED Dryer
  • UV LED Dryer for coating

UV LED for coating machines occupy the minimum space, deteriorate the temperature of the piece on which you are working and hence reduces the overall energy consumption. The UV output is very consistent which makes the speed soar. All this leads to increased efficiency of the entire process. We provide the equipment for several types of UV coating applications including musical instruments, vinyl, wooden pieces, automotive among many others.